Nine Percent

I heard a stat yesterday about goal completion. In an article, the author of a blog said that only 9% of people who set New Year’s Resolution complete them. I am part of the nine percent. I accomplish the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

Later in the article, the author explained a system that she uses to accomplish help people accomplish goals. I am not going into details about goal systems. I can say this, there are a lot of systems out there. When I reflected on the goals I accomplished, I know this the key to accomplishing my goal was not because I mastered a system. Be careful when starting a system, because you have created for yourself two jobs. Job- One is your goal writing a book. Job 2- Executing your system. The yellow light issue for me.

Accomplishing a goal means being devoted to a particular behavior that you need to devote yourself to for a while. For example, when I wrote my novel, I had to have several competencies, daily writing, participating in a community, asking for feedback, getting feedback using the feedback, and I had to spend my time managing those competencies and decisions, and that helped me write my book, and publish.

I will tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t write down publish my book, then take it through an acronym. If you find yourself not accomplishing your goals and using these systems and acronyms, why do you keep using them?

This year I am calling my goals projects, and I
manage the projects. I start a project, devote time in the day to it, and manage my time and decisions accordingly. The key I have is flexibility.

Systems by your nature demand that you be rigid. Why? A system is built for a machine. Machines don’t have emotions, personality, or relationships to maintain. When you put a car on an assembly line, the parts go where you put them; they don’t talk back. When you pass a paper around for signatures, the paper goes where it is handed.

Our adverse response to systems is not your fault. You don’t need to change. You will accomplish your goals with a rigid devotion to your skills and competencies by showing up each day, week, or month. It is up to you. I accomplish my goals- Check out some of them here-

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