Next ?

What is next? A question that we ask ourselves. What do we do? Do we sit and think about it?

What if next was just the activity that you are engaged in currently?

Next could be the book you are reading.

The post you are writing.

The clothes that you are putting on.

Is next a physical activity or is next a sought-after outcome?

You get to make a choice as to what next is.

Next should involve steps. Next could begin with a decision.

A decision that you manage.

Next could also be the tiny decisions that you have to make to achieve the outcome you desire.

What is next for you? Could next be steps towards contentment, enjoying what you already have at a deeper level, growing where you are at?

Or is next the pursuit of something new, something unknown?

Let your next be in pursuit of something that builds up others.

Honoring your positive commitments that you made benefits others.

Or maybe the next step to take is to heal or repair what is fractured.

It could be a relationship, It could be an emotional state, It could be your career or hops for one.

Next is up to you. Consider the next that helps another person.

Next consider doing it without the hope of a reward.

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