Beating yourself up isn’t noble or beneficial. It is a form of bullying. So stop it.

This morning I found myself staring at the blinking cursor. I didn’t know what to write. My mind, for a brief moment, felt empty. So I stared at the screen.

Then I began to write, from the back row of my mind, a voice began to speak. “Stop”! “This isn’t good enough! You are breaking the rules!
I ignored the voice and typed anyway. I have a goal of posting to my blog every day in 2021, and if I am going to post to my blog every day in 2021, then I will have to type anyway.

Keep going anyway. This is the theme of my work. My artistic journey.
My words of advice. Keep going. You can only arrive if you are moving.
Writing and posting each day is only accomplished when I am moving and moving along each day.

Keep moving anyway.
When you are sad, move towards kindness and comfort, and community.
When you are angry, move towards healing.
When you are happy, move towards sharing.

Towards service.
Towards helping .
Towards rest.

Movement fills the page. Movement heals the pain. Movement serves others. Movement resolves the conflict.
Movement opens new doors and closes old ones.
Where do you need to move?

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