More is a start, not a destination

“ Do more than the person next to you.” “If you want to win, do more.” “ You have to get up early and stay late, then you will be successful.”

Have you ever heard those words in your career? I sure have. Getting up early and working late may make you successful. Another perspective is this- it will also make you tired, frustrated, and subject to a list of addictions and shipwrecks regarding your personal life. Open up a website, and it won’t take you long to find someone who has devastated a marriage, a family, a business due to subscribing to the idea of more.

More does not lead to better. Here is an example. If you are grilling a steak, salt is good for the steak. Suppose you adopt the attitude that more is better and decide to buy a 32oz container of Morton’s Salt and pour it on the steak. In that case, you will have ruined the steak unless you are attempting to t preserve the steak and turn it to jerky, but if you are grilling for friends not recommended.

Do you know what is needed in that case? Strategy, Discernment, Wisdom. The wisdom to know that you are using the salt to grill a steak for friends, so you need a small measured amount. If you are preserving meat, well, you need to measure out a different amount of salt.
In the end more, needs to be measured, thought about, not recklessly pursued.

Consider the consequences of your choices. If negative consequences can come out of your behavior choices, you are not being a negative person. You are being wise.

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