Work. Activity. Every day, the majority of us engage in it in one form or the other.

Let us take some time to talk about money.

What is your opinion about money?

Everyone has them.

What are the stories you have heard about money?

So many exist, and if you listen to enough of them, you will find a diverse variety of stories, and little consensus. Money stories divide themselves into teams, groups, with fans and spectators who cheer for their story to win and triumph over the other.

Which story do you tell? What team are you on?

You don’t need to tell me. I won’t judge, no am I asking for a pledge or a commitment to reveal.

Take some time to reflect and answer in your journal.

What is your relationship with money?

Do you want more of it? Less of it? Is your life ordered and centered around the accumulation of it? If so, for what purpose?

Resist the temptation to draw an inference or a conclusion; resist the voice that stirs up an evaluation.

Take time to reflect on your money story. What do you hear? Where is it taking you?

Are you mad that you don’t have enough?

Are you creating opportunities to generate more of it?

Do you want to help others with what you have?

What is your money story?

One hand of money is math. The other hand of math is money.

There are days that I want to make more. To make purchases, there are stories that I need to make more to earn validation and respect. Other days I want to make more and have more to solve the problems that people have.

There are days where I think that money will solve problems; there are other days where I think that money creates more problems than it solves.

I am mad at money. I desire money. I know more of it won’t solve worry, fear, or anxiety.

The accumulation of it will not change my value system. Yet it is here. Everyday. Money.

So what do we do with our money?

Spend it? Accumulate it? Save it? Work for it?

Give it away? I guess all of that and then some.

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