Mixing Emotions 2

I fear that sharing mixed emotions may cause a reader to be concerned about my well-being. It is a cost that I count , but sharing about mixed emotions is designed as an act of generosity, showing that it is ok to talk about them . As well as  providing  a path forward on how to deal with or manage them.

Anger, fear, and  sadness spin around inside of my head, then they move to sit down in my chest. They collaborate on how they can influence my thinking, then my choices. Emotions lead to action or inaction.

The inaction or action could be positive. If you need rest, the emotions leading you to inaction are positive. If you need to leave home to go to work, to generate an income to meet your responsibilities, inaction isn’t helpful.


Managing mixed emotions is a process. That involves work. Work that is possible to do and worth it.


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