Message or Messenger

I have been thinking about the message people speak and the lifestyle choices people make.

Often times we hear messages from individuals that we respect and trust.

At times those same people have moral or ethical failings that cause a break in trust.

It is a natural response to react with anger, sadness.

I believe that it is fine and often the best decision to move on from the person you once followed.

Ending that relationship is not a lack of love or compassion.

Here is something to remember. The message advocated and the messenger is two different things.

There are positive messages, belief systems, and structures that have been carried out throughout the centuries by many people.

Most of them failed at one time or another.

We have failed, We will fail. Failing at a project, and breaking trust, or intentionally harming a person are two different things.

You can still work for the message or ideal that the person advocated before they broke trust, rather it is a public trust or private trust. Continuing with the message isn’t an obstacle to justice or mitigation of the harm a person has done.

Consider the good that you can do. History passes the baton to each of us. We all have a race to run. Our hope is that we can run alongside each other. At times people fall.

When they do, we need to pick up the baton and continue to do the work. If it is seeking justice, do that work; if it is filling in the gap and completing the work that the individual started, then do that work.

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