Meetings with myself

Throughout the weeks, I have the opportunity to administer several formal meetings.

The meetings have a similar format. They begin with strengths, then move into needs; in fact, we don’t even use the word weakness.

When these formal meetings were put together, designed, I believe that there was intentionality behind them.

There are solid reasons to lead with strengths. Except in one meeting each day, I have a hard time leading with strengths.

The meetings with myself, when I meet with myself, I lead with my weaknesses, I think it is the right thing to do; in fact, I learned this skill, it is something that people have told me, preached at me, explained to me, I heard people say if you want to get better focus on your weaknesses.

It is time to stop. Leading with my weaknesses reveals a lack of maturity, and it is an inaccurate measurement of my actual daily process.

I did it for a long time, except now I know there is a cost. Leading with my weaknesses typically leads to me unleashing toxic elements of my personality inward on myself. So I need to stop.

Focusing on your weaknesses or your needs isn’t designed to nullify your strengths. Speaking to yourself in a kind manner isn’t wrong.

Perhaps in the meetings with myself, I can adapt the protocols that exist informal meetings.

I can lead with my strengths. How about you?

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