Meet the Characters # 1- Prescott Everton

“ Steven, are you ready” Akemi startled Steven, who was pacing back and forth.

“ Wait. Not yet, now I am not sure I should do this interview, I worried about the subject matter and the content, people may judge me”.
Steven walked over to his desk and sat down. He put on his headphones.

“ I think I will write something safe this week, I had this idea on how I reframed my negative thoughts, that is easy to do.” Steven put on his headphones and heard Danyo’s voice yelling at him.
“ You are going to let Prescott in, and you are going to interview him!” Steven’s head bounced back a bit when he heard Danyo yelling at him.

“ Ok Danyo you are right, Akemi let him in” Akemi walked to the door, and let him.
Prescott came over and sat down, Akemi gave him some coffee. He took a few sips while he waited for Steven to come over.
Danyo continued to talk to Steven through the headphones.

“ This is going to be easy, three simple questions.”
Steven nodded his head.

“ I am sending the questions to your phone now.”
Steven got a text from Danyo, it had the three questions, he walked over and sat down across from Prescott.

“ Hello, Prescott! Great to see you!”

“ Same too here, Steven, great to be sitting here, and the coffee is great, by the way.”
Steven shook his head in agreement,

“Yes, Irving Farm Road, this month’s brew from my Trade Coffee subscription.” Steven opened his phone and looked down at the questions.

“Ok. Let’s begin to tell us who you are and your role in the story.
“ Yes, my name is Prescott Everton, I am the demon Father of Sheri, and the Father -in- Law to Genesis Jackson.
“ Demon Father, let’s expand on that a little, “ How did you become a demon”?

“ In the 1700’s I was the President of an Ivy League University. At the time, many college presidents were ministers of the Christian gospel. I also owned slaves, I had a large plantation, and when I moved to take over the college, I brought two of my slaves.”

Prescott stopped and took a sip of coffee.
“ One day, I was preaching a sermon, and I had a heart attack and died. I was at the pearly gates, and I was told that because I owned slaves, I would not be admitted to heaven.”

“ That must have been a shock,” Steven said.
“ It was, I had preached the gospel my entire life, my sermons are still studied in schools today as literature.”

Steven leaned back in his seat, “ Prescott, what is a common myth about being a demon that you want to debunk?

“ Sure, typically in movies, demons are these powerful creatures who fight in Satan’s army, and it looks like there actually is some chance of success or victory, that we actually enjoy our powers.”
Prescott had to pause for a second and then continued.

“ The truth is, I feel the torment, and regret of my decision every day for centuries, One of the punishments is that we don’t sleep. We are eternally awake, and the lake of fire inside us is the torment of our emotions and the constant replay of our bad decisions.
Steven takes notes, “ So what is your hope for this story?”

“ My hope is to use Genesis to help me find a path to redemption and be freed from the life of a demon.”
“ Perfect, thank you, Prescott, and we will see how all of this plays out in the pages of the story.”


One thought on “Meet the Characters # 1- Prescott Everton

  1. Hey Steven, I really enjoyed getting an insight into Preston. I love how you weave in your relationship with Danyo in this at the beginning and your own resistance to doing this interview. I also liked the interview questions about debunking myths and sharing his hopes.
    I’m curious, how much fun do you have with this process of interviewing the characters? I find it such a cool idea and always enjoy reading your writing.

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