Meet the Band of Misfit Heroes.

The cast of characters is gathered in a coffee shop. Danyo is making lattes and iced coffee for everyone. They are waiting for Steven to come into the room.

Danyo- Steven had another weird dream last night.

Genesis- About what this time.

Danyo- It was about Gorilla’s; at the end of the dream, he was riding on a bus. A gorilla was driving the bus, he also said the Gorilla was wearing white pants, and a red and white striped jacket, and hat. He looked like Harold Hill from The Music Man.

Akemi- Steven is on his way.

Danyo- ( hands Akemi a latte)- made with Almond Milk just like you enjoy it.

Akemi- Thanks! I think he is going to lock the book today and cap the characters.

Steven walks in and sits down. He calls everyone into the room. The seats are occupied by the main characters of the story, Danyo walks around with a tray of drinks, some take lattes, some take iced coffee.

Steven- Ok, everyone, we are set. Here is the plan. We have ten characters, I thought of killing a few of you off, and I still may, but for now, I have a soft spot for all of you, and the good news is you will survive the book.

Danyo- ( turns his head and whispers to Akemi) He really should kill a few off, but you know he gets both sentimental and stubborn at the same time.

Steven- This is the plan- I am going to go around the circle and let everyone introduce themselves with one sentence about your role in the story.

Let’s start with Keziah.

Keziah- Hi, I am Keziah, my name used to be Laura, but Steven changed it. I stole a spaceship and crashed it into a baptism, triggering a nuclear explosion.

Steven- Awesome and Keziah, please tell me who you are related to and use that as an introduction to the next character-

Keziah- Yes, I am Danyo’s mother, I just turned up pregnant one day, no Father. So here is my son Danyo.

Danyo- Greetings, I am Keziah’s son, I was immaculately conceived. I play the villain of the story. My goal is to steal the soul of Satan, and use it to raise the spirits of persecuted native Americans and slaves, and bring about the destruction of America for its crimes against humanity.

Steven- Got it, Danyo tell me who you are related to-

Danyo- I am the sinful nature of Genesis Jackson that jumped out of him at baptism. When Keziah’s ship crashed into his baptism, it triggered a spirit split. I am introducing Middle-Aged – Genesis Jackson.

Genesis Jackson- Hi, I am middle-aged Genesis Jackson. I am a United States Senator running for President. I am married to Sheri, who I will introduce next.

Sheri- Hi, My name is Sheri Jackson, I am the wife of Genesis Jackson, and I am also a demon temptress, I met Genesis in middle school, and my Father and I have been secretly grooming him to unleash the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the world once Genesis is elected President. Now here is my Father.

Father- Greetings, my name is Prescott Everton. I am the demon Father of Sher, I was a minister in the 1700s, but preached the slavery was justified in the Bible, when I died I thought I was going to heaven. Still, instead, I was sentenced to eternity as a demon tempter. Next, I want to introduce Travis.

DJ- Greetings, my name is DJ. I am a Divergent Thought Extracter- DTE for short, I was going to be the best man at the wedding of Keziah and DJ. Instead, I backstabbed Travis. I was going to run off with Keziah. She ended up swindling the both of us, stealing my ship, and jumping into another multiverse. Here’s Travis

Travis- Thanks Travis, yes I was set to marry Keziah, DJ stabbed me in the back. Still, now we have been assigned to track Keziah down and prevent Danyo and Father from carrying out the plans they have set in motion because now the entire multiverse is threatened with extinction.

Steven- Travis and DJ – I see, and how do you plan on accomplishing this?

Travis- We will have to create another spirit-split- The first spirit split created Danyo, the next spirit-split does the following let me introduce- Genesis Jackson- The teenager.

Genesis Jackson- Hi I am Genesis Jackson, the teenager, I exist in a different multiverse, but I will be brought into the universe with Danyo and my future self. I will be bringing Aquafunkapus with me.
Steven- Who is Aquafunkapus?

Genesis Jackson Teenager- Aquafunkapus is a character that I doodle when I am bored in class; for example- I made a comic called Malcolm X Clan Hunter; in the comic, Aquafunkapus saves Malcolm X from the KKK.

Steven- Awesome, great job everyone. Here is the plan for the next several weeks. I am going to interview each of you. The book is going to an editor in October and then should hit the kindle store in December or January.

Danyo- Steven you forgot someone!

Steven- OMG- So sorry- Akemi

Akemi- No worries, I am Akemi, I work with Danyo, I am the brains and muscle of the our duo. I like to use swords, and I read Toni Morrison and Octavia Butler novels. My speciality is cutting the souls from demons.

Steven- Now we are finished!

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  1. Hi Steve, the outline is laid out well. The characters are each so original. This story is fantastic and sure to be fun!

    Who is your target audience for the book? How can you start marketing to them now? You have a lot of blog post material you can use to market. Will you leverage them?

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