March Madness on Monday.

So what was new about March Madness on Monday? What was different? The games were being played in one state, the fans were limited, the bands were missing, but the game being played on the floor. The basketball was still the same. Audiences will tolerate and go along with new experiences, but a new experience doesn’t change the game.

The fans came for basketball. If Michigan and LSU started throwing a football around the court, then fans on TV would be upset. Advertisers would be upset, The alumni would be upset. Changing the genre, not the experience, is breaking a promise. People expect to be taken on a journey, and that journey can be found in your creative work.

So be what you are. If you are a podcast when someone presses click, they expect to hear someone speaking; when they open a book, they will see words, the music they will hear you performing.
Creating an experience and creating a story is what you will have to do as a creative. Creating an event that people want to attend. This is what you are doing with your creative work.
I hope that I am someone who can create great events.

You can be a person who creates great events. Just start with your creative work, and then build from there.

As an audience member, what do you come for? The experience or the genre? When a couple gets married and the dress in Star Wars costumes, they are changing the experience of being at a wedding, because at the end the audience is expecting vows to be exchanged, if the two individuals get to the front, and the bride begins to give a speech on conservative economic principles, and the groom response with liberal encomium positions, and then they open up for questions, you now don’t have a wedding you have a political debate with two people dressed in Star Wars outfits.
If I paid for a plane ticket and a hotel room, now I am really upset. I came for a weddi

ng and an I got a political debate. Trust has been broken. You can alter the experience, but you can’t change what the people came for. What the people came for was a wedding.
Wearing the creator hat, Wearing the audience member hat.

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