What is lurking inside of you? Does it bring you joy? Grief? Stress? Anger? The answer could be all of them at various points during the day. There is joy after a project, the smile of a spouse, the laughter of a child.

There is anger directed at increasing violence, racism, and hatred on display in the media. There is grief that comes from hearing about the tragic loss of life that happens every day even though we are surrounded by so much prosperity. A world where we all are trying to obtain financial riches, even though we see the same evidence day after day that people who have it aren’t happy.

Then there is stress. It lives inside of us, chipping away days of our lives, and we aren’t even aware of the price we are paying.
This cycle runs inside of me every five to ten minutes on a loop. Each day, rinse, repeat for as long as I am awake.

What is the answer?
Does life really have an answer? People live as it does, but we consistently over history make the same mistakes.

Life has choices, and we have choices. Choices to use our voices to speak out against the wrong things, choices to lend a hand to help, and the choice to create, serve, listen.

Choices are opportunities that will produce an outcome. One they may work. Or one that may not. It is worth it to try.
Back to the original question, what is lurking inside of you?

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