Life getting in the way.

I heard someone say to me this morning.
Life is getting in the way.
I responded that I felt the same way.

At the current moment, life is getting in the way.
But as I thought about it deeper, what is life getting in the way of?

I think for me, life is getting in the way of joy and happiness.
There is plenty of room for fear, sadness, and anger.

The first alert on my phone reminds me of how scary the world is.
The emails are attempting to sell me something that I probably already have in abundance, but what is one more?

I imagine what does, in the way, look like?
I imagine driving and a traffic jam ensures.

The traffic is blocking my way.
The truth is that the traffic, the jams, the blocks, life getting in the way.

Life is getting in the way.
Could it be that life is slowing me down?

Does life know that I am sad, angry, and scared?

It could, in the way, mean to be like a train that is pulling into a station, slowing down long enough to pick up new passengers.

What if those new passengers were joy and happiness?

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