Lemon Trees

Going out for walks each day is something that I have come to enjoy and look forward to. I don’t have to commute in traffic each day, and with the spare time, I go for daily walks. On these walks, I have been paying attention to my surroundings.

The first change I made is that I don’t listen to music. Instead, I listen to the birds chirping. It is nice to stop and hear natural sounds.

My next favorite is the fruit trees. I never saw fruit trees until I moved to California, and now I see them frequently around the neighborhood. Below is a shot of a lemon tree that I stopped to take a picture of.

Take time to walk around your neighborhood, observe, listen, breathe in the air, and admire your surroundings. Express gratitude for what you have, and take time to remember those who are suffering, and look for ways to help.

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