A job isn’t a death wish. You must be able to meet your financial obligations, serve, and be a part of the community. It is the place to cultivate your gifts, talents, and abilities.

Jobs, Career, whatever you call it. We are designed and created to spend our time in active movement. Our movement should be doing something that benefits others and allows us to sustain ourselves and our families.

There are many opinions about jobs, careers. There are people out there trying to sell you on what a job is and what a job isn’t. Individuals who want you to pay for their definition of a job and a career.

Call it a job, call it a career. Whatever it is, each day, you go out and have tasks to do, work that is waiting for you. Decisions to be made. People to serve.

What do you think about your job? Your Career? Are they one and the same? Is it possible to hare one and love the other? What if you don’t enjoy either one? Is it possible to change your story or change your location?

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