Inhale/ Exhale

The tools that I work with tax my mind. At least, that is what I believe at the current moment. I spend the day inhaling  information at a rapid pace.

The  information comes from my phones, laptops, desktops, and now even my watch brings world events to me in real time .

I am coming to the conclusion that I am capable of taking in information and sending that information out into the world.

What do I do with this information? What are the possibilities ?

Creative work is one way to process the information.

Creative work can act as a form of meditation, I inhale. In a similar fashion as taking a breath, I bring information into my mind.

Then as I exhale, I send information back out to the world. This is my creative life. My goal is to send out information into the world that is helpful and of service to others. At least the is my desire. Hopeful that it will help someone not just today but also in the future as well.

Inhale your information. Exhale your creativity. Do both. Holding in your creativity can be equivalent to holding your breath, but when you exhale, give the people you serve something that spreads.

It is easy to look at our world today and loose faith in our institutions to bring about positive societal change or even treat each other in a positive manner, but don’t loose faith in the power that works inside of us as individuals to make decisions to behave in a manner that helps or serves other people.

All of us, each day have the opportunity to serve someone else.

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