Holy Diver

Holy Diver by DIO came up this morning. In middle school, I learned from a friend that if you turned the album cover upside down, the words DIO would spell Devil. This is long before everyone had the design software to custom make logos.

When you saw the word devil, and then an image of a priest in chains in the ocean, followed up with a demonic figure in the background, there was a sense of evil, but also it was exciting. I am not a person who is going to do evil. I am not a person who believes that listening to music will send me to the Devil. Quite the opposite. I am active in my church, went to grad school to study theology, and read my bible daily.

In my mind learning about a particular worldview or perspective isn’t an adoption of that worldview, nor is it an endorsement of the world view.

In a scarcity mindset, you could look at the album cover and say, stop; you may end up worshipping the Devil! In a mindset of abundance, you simply look at the artwork and move on. You realize that your own personal worldview is shaped by collecting your own personal experiences and behavior choices.

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