Spiderman was my favorite superhero when I was a child. His comics books were the ones I purchased growing up. One thing about Spiderman is that I never wanted to be Spiderman.
I wanted to be my superhero. I would play by myself, and when I did, I created my character; his name was Bearman. He had the power and strength of a Bear. I once wrote a story about Bearman, a screenplay that sits on a hard drive somewhere inside a copy of the final draft.
Fast forward to today, I wrote my first novel, and the hero of the story is named Aquafunkapus, a character that I created.
The point I am making is this. My leadership style and ability can be traced to this. I never wanted to be Spiderman. I always was happy and content being me.
I am enough. You are enough. Your heroes can be your heroes, you don’t need to diminish them, but in a world of abundance, the ability to chart your path is possible; it is available. Certainty, success, riches, those are outcomes, and the outcomes are not the same as the ability to create.
Stop chasing outcomes is the lesson I am learning.

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