Hand in my pocket

Alanis Morrisette is the song title for today. The song begins with lyrics that are comparing and contrasting. She is drunk but sober, She is working but is underpaid, broke but happy, She is poor, but she is kind.

The lyrics show that we can find joy in unfavorable circumstances. It is tempting to believe that a change in circumstances will bring rescue. In certain cases, this is true. If you don’t have a job, getting one will bring relief; if you are sick, getting healthy is a strong desire. The purpose of looking to the future with a hopeful perspective allows you to have joy in the present moment; if the present moment is bad, then search for something that you can be thankful for. It doesn’t change the situation, but it helps.

This time of year, I notice the Christmas Trees that have been tossed outside in the street around this time. I reflect and ponder on this. A few weeks ago, these trees stood in someone’s home, full of decorations and present underneath them. Before that, the trees were on a lot, and people paid a good amount of money for them. Now the tree sits in the street, waiting to be picked up and hauled away.

It is interesting to think that if you took the tree and tossed it into the street on December 23rd, you would be considered crazy, mean, and called the Grinch. Two weeks later, throwing the same tree into the street is the responsible thing to do.

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