Genesis runs for President.

This is a short piece from the novel I am working I started it during Nanowrimo. I am now working on it in the Writing in Community Workshop. The following excerpt shows the character Genesis Jackson giving a speech.  His wife Sherrie is a demon and her father is second in command to Satan.  here is the speech-

Genesis steps to the lectern, to the roar of the crowd. They chant his name, are waving placards in the air. In his mind he had a secret that his wife didn’t know-He knew his wife was a demon, he knew that he was being groomed to unleash the four horseman of the apocalypse, yet he loveds her, and he has a plan .
He waves, the crowd begins to quiet down a bit.
Thank you! Thank you! You are far to kind.

I stand here tonight on the shoulders of giants . The Presidency is no small undertaking, seeking to be the leader of the free world is quite a task. One that I do not seek for power or position, but to humbly serve the citizens of this nation. The ideas of liberty and justice have not been lived out by those before me, tonight I hope to move the ball forward. I am forever thankful for my mother and father for the love they gave me, and the values and spirit they filled me with. My Father in Law for his mentorship, and guidance, helping me to be a leader in the Senate representing the state of California.

Last but not least, my wife . Sherri you have stood along side of me all this time. You are my toughest critic, and most strident supporter, if you wanted to you could be presenting this speech and announcing you candidacy, you are a great mom, and a strong , powerful woman.

Tonight is no ordinary night, and these aren’t ordinary times, some say they are dark, others have lost hope in the dream of America. Tonight it is my attempt to put us on the correct path.

It is true that I am an independent. People have told me, that you need to pick a side. I believe that I have. You see being independent takes conviction. The steadfast believe that you will put aside your own personal opinion in order to serve both sides of the aisle. You see you can’t simply serve the people who agree with you. When an individual takes the oath of office. That individual has a responsibility to serve and listen. This stance isn’t popular, and people still attempt to persuade me, and I do listen to their exhortations.

They came to me and said Genesis, you need to come back to the Republican party. The party of Lincoln that freed the slaves, the party of Frederick Douglas, and Booker T Washington. We share your values, good jobs, more opportunity. I said you have a point. Then I asked this question, If you stand for me, why do you stand for the racists? You ignore our Fathers who fought in your wars, you ignore our ministers who preach in your churches. You condemn our protestors and claim that we don’ t love America. Your Southern Strategy was an open tent for the Segregationists, who left the Democratic Party, we watched Ronald Regan announce his candidacy for the very office I seek in Philadelphian Mississippi home of the klan where civil rights workers were killed. So no, tonight I am not coming back to the Republican party.

Yet then there is the Democratic Party. We give you 88-90 percent of our vote, reliably every election. You made us a promise. We give you our votes and you will end suffering and in justice. Affordable Housing, Jobs, Health Care, and Public schools that we could send our children to. Yet instead of ending suffering , it seems to have increased. The price of Real Estate continues to climb, while the wages are low, our health care costs consume our salaries, we graduate college with more debt, and lower salaries, and the sadder of it all. You promised to end the suffering of homelessness, we gave you billions of dollars, and we look outside of our windows and we drive down our streets, and the amount of people living in tents has increased ? How is this possible? Where did the money go? We have seen what I call the Democratic Deception.
You promise to end suffering, but it goes up, and where does our money go? It goes into the pockets of the people who run the studies, endless studies, and people who write rules, that cancel out other rules. Our streets are divided, one plays for the red team and one plays for the blue, and we those of us on the side line suffer. So they have asked me, Senator Jackson, What are you going to do? Well tonight I am going to tell you what I am going to do. For far too long we have accepted without question the two party system, but I am here to tell you tonight, that you are pledging allegiance to a broken flag, America isn’t beautiful, it is broken. The choices are The Democratic Deception or the Republican Racists.

My parents named me Genesis. If you know that Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It starts with the words in the beginning. Under this nighttime sky, and the beautiful mountains behind me, and my creator watching me, I am announcing a new party. A collation, of Black, Brown, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and all of our White brothers and sisters who want to be in the struggle with us.

This nation owes us a debt. We fought your wars, We feed your children, we pick your crops, we built your railroads, Tonight we are here to say. This land is OUR LAND and not your land. This land was made not just for you. But for you, and me, and they, and them, he, and she. We are the party of the people. What will be our name? What will be our logo? Our name is Justice for the People. Join me tonight Genesis Jackson, as I seek to become the President of The United States of America. In November choose Justice.

The crowd roars. In approval, Sherrie comes out and joins Genesis on stage, he hugs her and she puts her arm around him, they stand and wave at the crowd. They are truly Americas couple. Father stands in the corner, and if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, you would see his eyes glowing demonic red.

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