Following paths

My wife was singing En Vouge last night, and the first thing that I did was to look up the song and begin to play it.

It is so easy these days to get access to music. When I was in my teens, I would sit and wait for it to come on the radio if I wanted to listen to music. One year my aunt gave me a boom box with a tape recorder built into it.

Once I had the boom box, I would wait around for a song to come on, then I would hit record and begin to record the song.

This led to some funny moments that would not happen today. Sometimes you would miss the beginning of the song, so when you played the song back, you would only hear bits and music pieces.

At times you would run out of tapes to record the music on. So you would record over the music you already had.

The problem is gone. Today you can search Youtube, Spotify, or Apple Music and find just about any song you wish to hear.

I find myself leaning towards the old music that I loved, but I want to find new music and old music that I just didn’t know about.

This week I discovered Cecil Taylor, a jazz pianist. I read about him in a magazine article, and then I searched for and found his music. There you go. New music, old artist.

Being curious is how you rediscover the joy in something old and discover new joy in something new.

How are you curious today?

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