Fall in Love Tonight

Fall in Love Tonight is the title of this post. The post has nothing to do about Falling in Love, so if you were hoping for that, I apologize. Fall in love tonight was the song that came next on my playlist. This is my strategy for selecting titles for my posts, I hit shuffle on a Spotify playlist, and the song that comes up becomes the title of the post. Once I have a title, I set Alexa for ten minutes, then I write. At the end of ten minutes, whatever is on this paper, go into Grammarly and then off to my blog. Simple strategy, along with a system then a habit, do this 363 more times, and boom. I have a year of writing done. That is the easy part.

The harder part is connecting with people. I want to build an audience, serve, and help people with my writing. My hope is that along the way, I can accomplish this. This is where my thinking comes in, what can I write about that will encourage people? I just don’t know, but I can hope that at least showing up and being persistent means something.

A New Year brings hope. A great many people will set goals and intentions for the New Year My encouragement to you is to set them, and then don’t quit. Keep going, keep showing up, find your strategy, find your systems, support, people who will encourage you, give you feedback, and then hit repeat each day.

After I finish, I will search for a picture to include with this post, and today I am going to use a picture of writing in concrete. This year I began to take photos of engravings in concrete. I have an album of over 50 pictures that I took of something in concrete. At the beginning of 2020, I wasn’t considering taking pictures of engravings in concrete, but this is one of the unintended consequences of a pandemic. I took more walks around my neighborhood. Walking gives you more time to think and process, and that walking time, was the time that I would normally spend in a car commuting up and down the freeway. I don’t miss commenting up and down the freeway.

I am blessed. I am thankful for what I have, and I am aware that there are people out there who are hurt, suffering, and need support. When I encounter them, my goal is to be a source of comfort, support, and encouragement.


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