Dinner with the Devil.

Behind the Scenes with The Villain- Danyo

Welcome! Thank you for coming over to read the latest interview with a character from the in-process novel The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. Today joining us is Danyo. Danyo is 26 years old, single, and Ze ambition is to possess Satan. I am Steven Thompson, your author, and host. Welcome, Danyo!

Steven- Danyo, your ambition is to possess Satan. Can you unpack that for the audience?

Danyo- Yes. I am a perfectionist. I want to be the best at all I do. If you look throughout history, you will find great villains, The Wicked Witch, Lex Luther, Dr. Octopus, and The Joker. Yet out of all of those. Satan is the evilest of them all.

Steven- Got it, It is clear that you have the end in mind. What is your strategy for accomplishing this?

Danyo- Strategy? It is far to complex for simple minds like yourself to comprehend. Even to access my thinking requires advanced degrees in physics, behavioral studies, philosophy, and theology. It would also help to have seen Apocalypse Now, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Steven- I see, so what if the audience hasn’t seen Apocalypse Now or My Little Pony? Or what if they want to know how these things connect?

Danyo-I am the villain; I destroy things. If the audience doesn’t understand something- GO TO GOOGLE! That’s the problem with people today, they want everyone to do the work for them. How about doing some critical thinking on your own? For example,- People say, “It’s facebook’s fault Trump got elected. Stop blaming facebook! How about watching a Presidential debate? How about thinking on your own! Yes, I said TRUMP! TRUMP!! HAHA, I hope I triggered some of you! I gaslight for fun!

Steven- Danyo, can we keep politics out of this. You know that it upsets some people.

Danyo- See- Steven, that’s your problem. You love politics, you read the newspaper, you watch news channels, you read election data, but you are scared to blog about politics because you fear upsetting people. Also you won’t tell people why you wrote Ze instead of he or she?

Steven- Danyo you may be evil, but I am the author, fall into line.  So what are your daily routines that you follow?

Danyo- Avoid the questions you don’t like? Mr. Collobartive leader? Mr. Empathy? When the going gets tough you revert back to top-down leadership! SELLOUT! Ha! Well, my daily routine is simple, I go around and harvest the negative thoughts that people think, but never do. Then I build an alternate version of a person acting out their worst selves in another dimension.

Steven- Could you give me an example of this from the story?

Danyo- Sure, take DJ. For example, he is secretly in love with his best friend’s wife. When he sees her, he imagines taking her on a date or kissing her. I harvest those thoughts. I then take those thoughts, and I create a DJ in another universe, a multiverse living that life out, where he is married to his best friend’s wife.

Steven- I see, and who are your close relationships? Those who help you?

Danyo- Sure, Petey the Pigeon and Bodie the Coyote. Both genetically modified animals, who act as my sidekicks.

Steven- Before we go, Danyo, can you tell us how you were born.

Danyo- Yes, But you are going to need to understand some simple theology. Here it is, when an adult gets baptized, their sinful nature is left in the water. They come up out of the water as a new creation in Christ. I was someone’s sinful nature. Instead of dying in the waters of baptism, I implanted myself inside of a uterus of married women at the baptism.

Steven-I see and who’s sinful nature were you attached to?

Danyo- That is a twist. But it was revealed in your first story- The Adventures of Aquafunkapus, a story you wrote four years ago. Still, you never published, and now you are writing a sequel. Shouldn’t you have released the first book?

Steven- Ahh, right, thank you, Danyo! This has been behind the characters with Steven Thompson

Nano tip of the week- Using Instagram to write scenes from your story. Whenever you want to write a scene in a setting, go onto Instagram and use the hashtag and then the name of your environment. For example, I wanted to write a scene located in New York, so I put #newyork in the search, and up came pictures of New York. I used those pictures to write very detailed scenes.
Try this out in your own writing. If you want to practice describing a setting, look at a picture, and describe what you see. Google Photos will work as well for this exercise.

That’s it for now- Currently over 25k. Halfway to 50,000! Here are the songs I used this past week-
Rolling in the Deep.- Adele
Running With the Devil– Van Halen
Breathe in the Air- Pink Floyd

Bad, Bad– Leroy Brown- Jim Croce
Flashing Lights– Kanye West

Below are drawings I had done of Danyo and Bodie, notice that He was named Bogey when the drawings were done.

One thought on “Dinner with the Devil.

  1. Steven,
    This, is now my NEW favorite Steven piece. It’s so weird and creative and I feel like I don’t even know you as a writer anymore, but in an amazing way. My favorite part of this is the way you’re using Danyo in such a clever way to be self-depricating. There are so many little twists and turns in the writing. It’s quirky and vivid enough that I could even see it being made into a movie. This is weird, but I found myself wondering about how his voice sounded. I imagined him having a bit of a refined and calm way of speaking, but curious to hear your point-of-view on that. Does Steven-the-author interview all of his characters? Because he really should.

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