Did you notice?

I don’t mind walking. Here is an example if I go to the store, I will park farther away from the entrance and walk to the store, rather than sitting behind other cars waiting for a closer parking spot.

When I walk I listen to music. This dates back to college, old school sony walkman days, listening to tapes or compact discs. At the beginning of the decade, I had the original iPod; then I moved to the present-day walking with my phone streaming music.

I changed once the pandemic hit. With my morning commute gone, I began to walk around the neighborhood I live in more. One day I decided to put the music away and take in the sounds around me. When I stopped listening to music, I started listening to the birds, the wind, people walking, and dogs barking. It was a pleasant surprise and calming.
I began to notice more, the color of the flowers, for example. Taking time to be an observer and a listener is a new habit that I have added to my morning routine.

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