Day of Dad.

Today is Father’s Day, and it is also posted 194 of 2021. By now, my Father passed away when I was 17, and I have been a Father for 12 years.

It feels odd. I am thankful to celebrate a day, and my wife and son, make it special for me. I am thankful and have been blessed to have wonderful people in my life. My wife, my son, and a community of fellow Fathers.

I also know that today is challenging for some. People who have lost their Father this year, people who have difficult relationships with a Father.

When one group is celebrating, another is mourning. That is the way it goes.
I have memories of my dad and the present moment with my son. I wish I had more time with my own dad; even though I don’t, I still carry the lessons he taught me. This I am thankful for.

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