When in doubt, I look for an example. Then I stop to consider what example I will follow? If I want to play my saxophone, I turn to a saxophone player that I know, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderly, Sonny Rollins, to name a few. When writing a novel, I think of Toni Morrison, Stephen King, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Langston Hughes.

These are people who created before me. The work they did found an audience with large groups of people. All I know about them is through their work. I didn’t know their hopes, dreams, aspirations, what made them laugh or cry. I knew the work that they produced.

This puts me at a crossroads. My mind creates a story that these people were famous, and I would be right, at different points in history and still today their work attracts large amounts of people.

The myth that I battle is this one. It is the connection that they have established with others that will determine my ability to continue to create works of art.

The connection comes from creating my art, and I can create art and show it to the world every day. It is true. My time to devote to my creative work is limited and constrained, but that doesn’t mean that it is non-existent.

It is the same for you. You have time to create your novel, podcast, song. You don’t have to give up your job. You don’t even have to give up your favorite streaming platform. You have to give up one more and embrace less. For example- I watch one show at a time on a streaming platform. The rest of my time is devoted to writing, podcasting, practicing my saxophone. I am not famous. But I am creating. I have work to show and to give.

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