Creating New Habits.

If you want to build a new habit, you will need to make new choices.

Building a new habit involves making new choices.

For example, I wanted to write a daily blog post. I have been a consistent early riser for years. I would wake up, do my morning spiritual practice, check email, check social media, read the newspaper, then read several of the newsletters I subscribe to.

Then shower. Pack lunch. Head to work.

Often these activities would leave me feeling anxious, angry, and fearful.

If I wanted to create a daily writing habit, I had to make new choices.

People will tell you all you need is a new mindset.

You need a mindset that directs you towards choices that support your new habit.

For me, the new habit was daily writing and posting to my blog.

I was going to continue to wake up early.

I was going to continue my spiritual practice.

That left me with the choice. What do I do after my spiritual practice is over?

I had to chose to write to create. I had to move all of the consumption of media.

The choices in front of me continue to consume or create.

I made the decision to write first thing in the morning.

I didn’t give up checking social media, reading my newsletters or newspapers.

I just had to move them. Those activities were not supporting the new habit I wished to create.

They weren’t bad. They just didn’t support my habit.

So I made a new choice.

I can look back each day and know that I put something into the word.

Something that hopefully will help.

The recipe for a new habit? A dash of mindset. A mix of inspiration.

The main ingredient needs to consist of new choices. You can’t create a new habit if you continue to make old choices.

What new choices do you need to make to support the new habit you want to create?

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