Create the way you consume.

My mother would buy me coloring books and crayons when I was a young boy. I recall one coloring book. It was a Spiderman coloring book. On the cover, Spiderman was fighting an octopus, not Dr. Octopus, one of his arch- enemies, but an actual octopus that lived in the ocean.

As a child, I only paid Spiderman’s attention, and I only wanted the coloring book because Spiderman was on the cover. Along with the coloring book, I watched Spiderman cartoons, and I believe that I even had a few Spiderman underwear pairs. Fast forward four decades and Spiderman is still my favorite Marvel Superhero, and I enjoyed taking my son to see the Spiderman movies as well.

Is this an example of cradle to the grave marketing? A plot by big corporations to get me hooked on a product and then consume that product for the rest of my life?

I don’t know. I don’t think, but my thoughts about Spiderman’s enjoyment got me thinking about marketing and consuming.

I will listen to marketing podcasts or speeches from time to time. People will emphasize calls to action, and employ techniques, for example, adding pop-up buttons throughout the message to get me to subscribe to a newsletter.

As I consumer, I don’t like pop-ups coming at me fast and furious. I like good content, and if your content is good, then I will subscribe to your email, but if you annoy me, then I am not going to subscribe.

Yes, you may get a ton of subscribers, but will they actually interact with your product over the years? Spiderman and Marvel have been around for over 50 years, spanning generations.

As a content creator, I have decided that I want to create the same way I consume. I don’t consume media that build itself on interrupting me and deceiving me. For example, telling me that you aren’t trying to sell me something, but then at the end of the article, newsletter, or call, you ask me for money; in my eyes, you are a liar.

As a leader in an organization, I get calls all the time and emails with people telling me they are going to solve my problems, serve me, bring me joy, etc. As a consumer, I don’t trust most of them, and you aren’t going to reach me with tactics that you paid the latest influencer for. IF you have a good product, I will buy it.

In the end, I purchased the comics, coloring books, and movies because I enjoyed Spiderman. I hope to be a creator that makes consumption of my work a pleasant experience. You can check out some of it here, and I have a new newsletter coming out this month, and I promise I won’t bug you will receive constant calls to subscribe, just one, in the end, after you read it. If you enjoy it, sign up and share it. I hope you will, and if not, I will try to do better next time. You can sign up here

One thought on “Create the way you consume.

  1. Testify. I get this with political mail too: “we have a poll for you.” I go fill out the poll, and what’s next? A request for money. Or “there’s this huge problem! send us money!” with never a mention of how that will help.

    My frustration with this is that these tactics apparently work. They don’t care about you and me, the ones who say “no, that’s enough.” And so the world is full of deals we won’t take, and people who do take them, and suffer or are damaged in various ways because of this.

    What can we do about this, if anything? That’s the question I always go to when my thinking turns in this direction. I like your answer: opt out, buy the stuff that has value, ignore the rest. It’s a good answer.

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