How does it feel when you are preparing to contribute? The moments before you begin your work?  Here is a trick to try. Contribute without expectation.

Without the desire for praise, if you are expecting praise, you may compromise your work. The urge to adjust or change for a feeling generated may prevent you from taking chances or allowing your full voice to be heard.

Do it without the fear of rejection or people not liking you.

Again you may compromise your work, or you may hide and not contribute at all. It is reasonable to not want people to reject you, don’t actively seek out rejection, this can lead you to be mean, and your contribution can come at the expense of another person’s humanity.

All of these choices require negotiating with tension. It is worth it. The entire world won’t pay attention to your contribution, don’t aim for the entire world. Aim for the few people. Those who will appreciate your contribution and those who will be served by it.

Your ideas, thoughts, gifts, talents aren’t made for everyone. It is tempting to allow that thought to make you feel sad or less than.

Don’t. Sit down at your workstation, or stand up, walk, run, draw, create, talk. Contribution is needed.

Expectations of outcomes can rob the present moment of the joy it is designed to give you.

What would happen if you let go of the story in your head about the outcome you desired? What if instead, you directed that story towards your contribution? Try it.

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