As I was on the plane flying to the city of my birth Chicago, I reflected on those who served my family and helped us on our trip. In this piece my desire is to express thanks and offer a few travel tips.

Today I am thankful for those who served my family on Christmas Eve. Roger the shuttle driver who arrived early and took a short cut to avoid the traffic jams at LAX. I appreciated the staff at Southwest Airlines, who made it easy to check-in, print boarding passes, and drop our bags. I even give a shout out to those in planning and tech who designed the tech to allow the lines to move faster.

Thankful for the TSA workers who helped us get through security and grateful for the people working at Chick Filet who served our food. The flight attendants on our flight, the pilot, and even the security who came on board after an irritated man screamed at a woman. I appreciated the people working at the car rental agency, even being happy that we were upgraded.

I am thankful for my career in education. It has given me the opportunity to be able to have time off over the holidays to travel home. I don’t know the stories of the people who have to work over the holidays in the service industry. I can assume that some of them would rather be home with their families; there also maybe those who enjoy working over the holidays. It is easy as a traveler to get caught up in your own needs, and where you have to go and be.

Remember this the world works because we have people who serve us. If you are traveling over the holidays take some time to look around.

When you travel be an observer. Take time to be considerate of the person behind the counter, or behind the wheel. They have hopes and dreams just like you. It is tempting to get frustrated when the lines and the wait time is long.

Remember this, I bet the people who are serving us, want us to get on our way and make it to our destinations. So pause, breath and take time to say thank you and also tip well!

3 thoughts on “Consideration

  1. What a great reminder, Steven! And so appropriate for the holidays. It’s remarkable that all of these people are strangers, isn’t it? Everytime we push a button, we’re relying on the cooperation of strangers!

  2. I love this post Steven. It’s an interesting phenomenon that when we are stressed that we become even more focused on ourselves and our own needs. I saw that myself when I was out and about doing pre-Christmas shopping. Your post reminded me of sonder and it made me smile. It is also a fabulous reminder to show gratitude to those who serve us, which I will consciously practice when I travel later this week. This sentence is gold: Remember this the world works because we have people who serve us.

  3. This is a great gratitude meditation—thanks for sharing it! One thing that I didn’t see you say here that I think is true is that even though you had the holidays off, you also serve. You are part of the web, not merely a bystander benefiting from what others do. Just saying… 🙂

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