My favorite recharge activities are going to coffee places; I have been to four different coffee shops in the past four days. It wasn’t a problem at all. In 2016 I went to 52 coffee shops. One a week. Where I live, I think I could go to 365 coffee shops. A new one every day.

Why do I go to coffee shops when I can make coffee at home? This is a lingering question. I mean, truthfully, if I didn’t go buy a coffee somewhere, then I would save the money. I could invest the money, use it for a car, a downpayment for a home. The reality is, I am not going to generate a down-payment for a home by not going out to purchase coffee. I do think that by purchasing coffee, I am supporting a small business. I am helping out people who use the shop to generate an income.
So there you have it. Coffee A conundrum.

One that isn’t easy for me to solve. Perhaps I am overthinking the room. I don’t go to coffee shops for the coffee, I go for the experience, but I order coffee. So I do go for the coffee.

Drinking coffee is something I do. It is a habit that I built over time. It isn’t a habit that I had growing up. My mother and father would drink coffee every morning.
My mother and father didn’t go to a coffee shop and buy coffee. I don’t know; maybe my dad did. Perhaps he went to McDonald’s or some local place and got coffee. Who knows. It was just one of those things I will never ever know.

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