Watts and Winning!

Greetings! Welcome to another edition of Behind the Book. Interviews with characters from my 2019 National Novel Writing Month story- Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. This week were are talking with one of the misfit heroes- Watts!

Steven- Thank you, Watts, for joining up today. Watts, I want to flip our format today. As I was writing, I found your character to be easy to talk with, and our interactions therapeutic. Could we give the readers an example of our communications from within the story?

Watts- Sure, Steven, I enjoyed being your committed listener. Tell us about a limiting belief you have.


Steven- A limiting belief? Sure that is easy, I won’t find an audience for my work. I am good at shipping and creating content, but in the end, I just believe that I will have a lifetime of work, but no one will ever listen to it. I just feel like I am too weird and bizarre, too far outside of the mainstream to ever be taken seriously.

Watts- Yes, that is definitely a limiting belief, but I think you need to show yourself some compassion. Give yourself credit for what you accomplished. You finished a story, you created all of us. Have a little faith and confidence in yourself. Ask yourself this- Is it helpful to go around thinking, no one will ever like my work? I won’t find an audience?

Steven- No, not at all.

Watts- So commit to thinking some new thoughts around the subject.

Steven- Watts, you are on to something. I need to validate myself, and it is hard to validate myself because deep down, I feel like I need permission to validate myself. I also think that if I show myself compassion, then somehow, I am selfish. I need to stop. I need to simply be happy being Steven.

Watts- Awesome! Now answer me this, where did the name Watts come from?

Steven- That is easy, I named you after the Mary Stuart Masterson, a character from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. So tell me, how did you end up as a Misfit Hero?

Watts- I was playing a Drag King in an all Female Stage group. All the roles were played by women. One night I was set to play Johnny Cash, the song I was going to sing was called Cocaine Blues– Johnny sings at the beginning that he took a shot of Cocaine and then went out and shot his woman dead. After he shot her down, he went home, put the gun under his bed, and went to sleep. The next day he took off to Mexico, where the sheriff chased him down.

Steven- Wow.

Watts- Yes, and my boyfriend Lawerence didn’t want me to sing the song.

Steven- Explain

Watts- Well, Johnny sang the song at a prison, so my boyfriend felt that it was exploiting the prisoners and also triggering trauma. Besides, Johnny was singing about Cocaine in a way that seemed funny, it was just a happy go lucky song about murder.

Steven- Lawerence, he was your boyfriend, right? He also was an artist. What did he do?

Watts- Lawerence was a Hip-Hop violinist.

Steven- I see, so what happened when he confronted you about the performance?

Watts- Lawerence accused me of taking advantage of my privilege as a woman and using it to sing about the glories of Cocaine and murder. I yelled back at him, and said it was because of his patriarchal mindset, that we even have this song, and what privilege was I using? The woman was murdered in the song, and The Johnny Cash character was arrested in Mexico, so there was a bit of justice. I told him he had a whole lot of nerve calling me someone who uses using privilege to try to get what I wanted. He picked up his violin and stormed out.

Steven- Luther stormed out. What happened next?

Watts- At that point, he came back home the next night, I confronted him on being out all night without contacting me. He had a friend with him. His friend had a backpack and a suitcase. I figured he must be another musician who needed a place to live.

Steven- Tell me, who was this?

Watts- Well Lawerence told me his friend was Luther, and that he had been in a relationship with Luther for several months, and now he had brought him home, Luther and Lawerence had agreed that all of us would be in a polymorphous relationship as sort of a hybrid of a sister-wife, sister- husband type situation. His thought was he could marry Luther or me whoever had the best health care coverage would break the tie. Luther was Fireman and had great benefits, so he planned to marry Luther, the plan was that I was going to be the best woman at the wedding.

Steven- WOW that is a lot, so what did you do?

Watts- I had a fit, I was a full-blown woman scorned, you know that R Kelly song when a woman is fed up?
Steven- Certainly.

Watts – That was me. I went nuts, I took he violin and threw it out the window, then I grabbed the bow and went after Luther, I got two hits on him, and Lawerence tackled me to the ground. But I wasn’t through, I tossed a few punches, and busted Lawerence’s jaw, Luther ran out of the apartment and called the police. The police came when they did I laid down on the ground and started crying, acting like Lawerence had hit me. The police drew a gun on Lawerence, and one of them hit Lawerence with a pistol. Luther tried to film it, but I took his phone and told the officer it was mine. I told the officers that Lawerence was my boyfriend, and he came home and tried to force me into a relationship with a friend. When I objected, he came at me. I was only protecting myself.

Steven- Watts is both deceitful and brilliant at the same time.

Watts- I know. That’s me! Part deceitful part something else. Not sure what the something else is.

That is a wrap! I finished the rough draft on November 29th, one day early. Final Word count was slightly over 50, 432 words!

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  1. Hey, Steven, I love this interview and getting a peek inside of the story. I particularly found how you continued what appears to have been a very useful personal dialogue with Watts as you wrote your story and added some interview questions about Watts’ role in the story. Really clever and creative. Again, well done on hitting your nanowrimo goal and finishing your story.

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