I just finished reading an article about why the show Fear Factor was canceled. They filmed an episode that involved people drinking Donkey Semen.
My first thought was, why in the world would anyone ever want to drink Donkey Semen?

The answer, of course, is for money and the audience. The individuals on the show would be compensated for participating in this stunt. The show would get more viewers because people enjoy being shocked.

The show ended up getting canceled because the network refused to air the show and later decided that they were done with the show. The show was canceled.

You can go from the top to the bottom very quickly.

The funny thing about this entry is that I started writing it and said to myself, “ You have gone too far” You will get in trouble if people read this. I erased it and started writing something else.

But guess what I did? I hit the undo button several times and brought the article back.

I am afraid that I will get in trouble for references to an article about the show Fear Factor.

So I decided to erase my work. Then I told myself this simple statement. First, no one is going to read it. Second I am not advocating this type of behavior, and Third, I am trying to make a point. I am also trying to hit my goal of writing every day for a year.

So I have many things going on at this moment.
Which we all do. Why do we all have so many things going on?
We work jobs, we pursue projects, trips, we go places.
All of these things that we do need to be funded. To fund our projects, we take risks; we have been told by people that we can make it to the top if we are risk-takers.
A myth. If there is a top, then someone is attempting to knock you off of it as soon as you arrive.
Although even if you screw up and get canceled. You still have your talents, and gifts, and abilities. Fear Factor was canceled because of a stunt involving drinking Donkey Semen, which offended people. Still, it didn’t stop the host Joe Rogan. He still hosts UFC fights, and he has a huge podcast following. So even after setbacks, you always have a way forward.
Keep moving in the direction you want to go in each day.

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