Behind the Story- Meet Akemi

Behind the Scenes with the Female Protagonist- Akemi

Welcome! Thank you for coming over to read an interview with a character from the in-process novel The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. Today joining us, Akemi. Akemi’s age is unknown. She is a Level 8 Mulitivertician. Her goal is to find The Great Aquafunkapus and bring him back to defeat Danyo. I am the host and author Steven Thompson.

Steven- Akemi, for the audience, what is a Level 8 Multivertician?

Akemi- A Multivertician is someone who jumps in and out of the Multiverse and reorganizes events.

Steven- Like Time Travel?

Akemi- Not at all, Time Travel doesn’t exist. The idea of the Multiverse was put forth by several physicists. One of them. The Russian Scientist Andrei Linde who currently teaches at Stanford. He is credited with the Theory of eternal chaotic inflation. Linde’s Theory builds from the Theory of cosmic inflation, which was developed by physicist Alan Guth from MIT. Our job is built around the work of String Theory, which was put forth by Bob Greene. He argues that there are nine different multiverses with nine versions of ourselves living on them.

Steven- Got it, So what are you attempting to accomplish in the Story?

Akemi- Several things, 1st find Aquafunkapus. 2nd Bring him back to stop Danyo.

Steven- What is your strategy for accomplishing this?

Akemi- To find Aquafunkapus, I have to locate the year and the dimension that he is currently hiding in. Steven, you could expand on this a tiny bit, you know.

Steven- What do you mean?

Akemi- It seems that you may be a bit constricted at the moment, is it because you are nervous about trying to write in a female voice?

Steven- Well, just a bit.

Akemi- So what if a writing teacher once told you, that your characters are all one dimensional and sound the same, and that makes can’t write a female voice. Just keep writing and showing up each day.
Steven- You mean I can be free to write without worrying about what people will say about me?

Akemi- Certainly!

Steven- Great, so tell us about how your choice this outfit you have on today.

Akemi- My glasses are Dior Stellaire1 Sunglasses. My top is a Misha Nonoo. You have a talent at styling your female characters. If you are reading this article, please go to the links and check out the outfits and tell us your thoughts.

Steven- Thanks Akemi for spending some time with us today!

I am in the final sprint. This time next Sunday, I should arrive at the end of Nanowrimo. The breakthrough the I had this week revolved around my 2020 goals. My goal at the beginning of the year was to publish my book, but then I said my goal is to find an audience for my creative work. 2020 will be year three of my five-year plan. Year one- I brought my podcast to life. Year two – I continued to podcast and blogged the entire year. I have three reliable accountability groups. One has met for over a year, and the other has been meeting for two. So year three, I will continue to create and post content. Now I am going to work on finding people who want to read Spiritual Science Fiction Soap Operas, I know they are out there.


2 thoughts on “Behind the Story- Meet Akemi

  1. Steve, the Misha Nonoo top is beautiful. I want one. The link for the sunglasses is linked to a Ted talk right now.

    This is fun. It’s brave that you admit the nervousness for writing in a female character’s voice. I wonder, if you went back to edit this, how much you add more personality to her answers? They are more informational right now.

    I’m excited for the world to know about the Aquafunkapus universe!! I’ve been waiting.

  2. I love this Steven. It’s zany and funny and clever. The character is irreverent in the interview and that made me curious about her role in the book. Also the fact that she gives you advice on your writing is really creative. The links to the outfit gave me a better idea of what the character looks like and was also a cool twist. I enjoyed this, Steven! Well done. From your summary of your work at the end, it’s obvious you’re making good progress. Well done on that part (shipping) too.

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