Baxter and Chloe

I just took Bernadette Jiwa and Seth’s Godin’s Story Skills Workshop. This is the story that I recorded. I used Sonix to transcribe the recording. If you would like to see the audio it is here 

This is a short story that I may build on in the future.

Baxter is a desk, and Chloe is a chair. They live in a classroom in a school for students with special needs. Throughout the years, Baxter and Chloe have had many students sit on Chloe and write on Baxter. Those students have gone on to live extraordinary lives. Baxter and Chloe helped the students connect to their gifts and their talents.

But these students weren’t always happy or hopeful. You see, the students that sat in Baxter and Chloe over the years had faced tremendous trauma. What made Baxter and Chloe special ?

They weren’t ordinary desks or chairs. You see, Baxter and Chloe housed the spirits of family members who had passed away, and those spirits freed from the bondage of racism and poverty—encouraged their children to succeed.

Every year. Baxter and Chloe would have new students who would sit in them and work on them.  These were new spirits that would occupy them—this year. D.J. is a student who works with Baxter and Chloe.  DJ has a diagnosis of an emotional disability as a result of trauma. His father was killed in front of him when he was eight, by the police in a traffic stop.  After his father died, DJ began had violent outbreaks at his school. He would start fights; he would tear up his classroom; he would try to hurt himself.  DJ was sent to a special school. At the special school  he met Baxter. and Chloe. On the first day, he threw Chloe across the room.

But his teacher had compassion on him. DJ sat down on  Chloe. When he touched Baxter, he felt different. He began to work. He would read books about the triumphs of his people. He would create works of art. He would still have outburst when he was away, but there was something about Baxter.  It was his father’s spirit that lived inside the desk. Baxter and Chloe had been a great help to DJ.

After spring break. DJ doesn’t come back to school. The school was closed due to COVID 19 outbreak. So Baxter and Chloe sat in the classroom with all the other classroom supplies,  they were sad. They worried about the children. The kids had not come to them had come to visit them—day after day after day. Baxter and Chloe and the other classroom supplies sat in the classroom. Mr. Griffin the teacher would go into the classroom each day, and he turned on the computer, When Mr. Griffin would leave for the day, the computer would give them updates. The computer would talk to the supplies. He would tell them what was going on in the outside world.

One night. A ghost came into the room. It was the ghost of DJ’s mother. She had passed away. She was a nurse who was exposed to somebody who had. COVID 19. She occupied Chloe. At first DJ is placed with a foster family, he began to have violent outbursts.  As a result, DJ was moved into a residential lockdown facility.  Mr. Griffin lost touch with DJ.
He was not informed of where his group home was.

Baxter and Chloe would not lose hope. Late at night when everyone was gone  Baxter and Chole were able to talk to the computer. They were able to hack into the bank, and get enough money for a lawyer’s retainer fees. Next they searched for a lawyer. The computer sent a letter to a lawyer to advocate for DJ. He would tell them that DJ needed his desk and his chair. The argued that DJ needed to be able to sit in Chole and write on Baxter.

The group home was exasperated at this point; they didn’t know what to do. DJ was having violent outbursts. every single day. He was hitting staff. He was breaking windows. He was tearing up. the room that he lived in. Yet nobody knew that DJ was in pain. They thought that DJ had a problem. They thought something was wrong with him. They gave him lots of medicine, but this did not help. The lawyer was able to get a court order approved to have Baxter and Chole shipped to the group home, aided by the spirits of his mom and dad.

Baxter and the Chole were shipped to the group home. They were put it into DJ’s room. DJ. looked at Baxter. He looked at Chloe; he knew he was safe. He sat down and Chloe. He felt the loving caress of a mother. Then he began to write on Baxter. And he felt the spirit of his father encouraging him to be his best. And on that day. DJ.. Was able to write. And he was able to read. And he was able to design beautiful works of art. He was able to do this because he had Baxter and Chole; he also had his mother and father.

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