I don’t need permission to make my own decisions – That’s my prerogative

Check out this video before you read. It takes place after the events in this post. Sunday Bloody Sunday- If you would like to get some sort of connection Read it here. If you leave confused. Watch the video below. Confusion may be the expectation. Just keeping it real and trying to work all of this out.


DJ found himself in a coffee shop in New York. He had no idea how he arrived. The shop was empty except for the women sitting next to him. He recognized her as the girl who had been decapitated by Danyo. She had the rest of her body back. She made him an Almond Milk Latte. He took it. She pointed to a monitor. DJ looked up and saw himself but 20 years younger. It was his first assignment in the multiverse. He knew that the only option was to sit back and watch the video. Danyo had trapped him. He took a sip of the latte, and watched the scene unfold, below is what he saw.

It was 1989, and DJ was standing with Akemi. They were in the parking lot of  Cipriantos Banquets. A host of teenagers were dancing to Bobby Brown. Bobby was all the rage in 88-89. Don’t be Cruel dropped. Then out came My Prerogative. If you could rock it right, you got a flat top hair cut and some multi-color cardigans. DJ was at his High School Prom.

DJ  could see into the hall he noticed his friends. He saw Travis This was Travis before Laura, he was dancing with the girlfriend of the moment Judith, Freddy was in the corner negotiating a weed deal for after the dance.

Instead of scanning the room for himself, he started examining his emotions. They went from happy to extremely anxious, then sad. A sadness that hit him like a truck running over your feet. This is the feeling DJ felt. Akemi turned to him. Welcome to the multiverse. “I see Freddy, there is Travis? Where are you at?

DJ knew where he was at. He was at home watching something he rented from Sputnik Video or since it was a Friday night in May, an NBA Playoff Game. Akemi had struck a nerve. “I wasn’t at the dance “DJ was insecure. He had female acquaintances, but as far as a girlfriend. Nope, he was too shy, he was stuck in the friend zone. He did have one crush. Valerie Grant was the only girl he wanted to go with. He actually had gone on a few dates with her, but then her boyfriend came back from college, he was with Valerie at the homecoming dance. DJ said. “Akemi turned to him and said, would you like to go? I would’ve loved to go, but that was over twenty years ago.

“DJ, DJ, you are in the multiverse now. Akemi spun around, and suddenly a 17-year-old girl was standing in front of him. He looked down, and he was wearing a black outfit. Precisely the same one Bobby Brown wore in the My Perogative Video. Want to see what it look like? Check it out here-. He even had the shiny lapel pin as well. He had aged backward and was now 17 again. He suddenly had all the vigor of youth but the wisdom of an adult.

He did the first thing that came to mind. He started singing and dancing to My Prerogative. Akemi laughed, Now we need to work on making an entrance.

We need a car. Akemi placed her hands on his head and closed her eyes. Akemi snapped her fingers, and with a flash, he was sitting in a Mustang GT, black, Akemi his buddy Julius was in the back seat with Stephanie. Julius, way to get us here in time! DJ looked at Akemi, and she took him by the hand and squeezed it. Let’s go, honey. “At this point, what do you do? He suddenly had a seventeen-year-old body and a forty-something-year-old brain.

On his arm was a drop-dead gorgeous date. He had a Mustang GT. Life was grand. He walked to the driver’s side of the car, opened the door for Akemi, and began to walk into the dance like a boss. Julius and Stephanie went ahead of him. You two go in. We will catch up. DJ waited for then to get ahead, and then he turned to Akemi.

Ok, so what do we do? “We go in and dance, “she said, “the best way you learn about the multiverse is to experience the multiverse “Just wing it.

They walked into the dance,  Travis and Judith came over. “Judith ran over to Akemi. She squealed, oh my goodness, Akemi that dress is to die for. I knew it would be great on you,” Akemi smiled at her. Let’s go out back, look what I have. She opened her purse and it revealed a bottle of Purple Passion. Wow! Akemi had that 17-year-old girl act down! He wasn’t going to dance to New Kids on the Block. That would be a bridge too far to cross.  The girls went away, and DJ was standing there with Travis. His 17 year old friend Travis . Dating Judith .

DJ stood there with his childhood friend and he despised him , felt nothing but contempt. What was he supposed to say? He figured trolling would work.   I see you eyeing Samantha, you know  wouldn’t give you the time of day, but if I wanted to, I could take both of them home with me and leave you here with Freddy drinking spiked punch before you both went to White Castles.”

Travis just smiled it off, then threw a soft punch that landed on his arm. DJ “Not everyone has it as good as you, being able to have his own car.”

DJ remembered that he would drive Travis, Freddie, and Julius to school each day.  This was before Akemi had upgraded him to a Mustang. The contentment began to melt away, he was suddenly flush with pleasant memories of the good times they had growing up.

Back in the present DJ felt the warmth of his friends, he remembered that night with Akemi as well. His recalled having a crush on her for the first few years of their partnership as well. He picked up his cup and placed it to his lips to take a sip, a hand grew out of the cup, and grabbed him by the face slamming him to the ground, and out of the cup came Danyo. Danyo stood over DJ. Danyo snapped his fingers, the lights went out. When they came back on, a spotlight was on Danyo. Now DJ it is time to begin our new relationship. Why don’t you listen to some Prince to prepare- Danyo turned on some Prince- You can listen to and imagine what will happen next-


2 thoughts on “I don’t need permission to make my own decisions – That’s my prerogative

  1. Hey Steve, my imagination is captured with what you write and with the audio and visuals you provide through YouTube links.

    DJ is in quite the dilemma as a 40 year old who is 17 again. The multiverse is very interesting. You do a nice job of having the reader consider what might it be like to be any of these characters themselves because you include a variety of personalities. I enjoy that you connect your YouTube and podcast to the blog.

    There’s fun here. We all like to have fun!

  2. Hey Steven, Always great to read another instalment of your work. I’m enjoying wrapping my head around the multiverse and getting to know the characters more with every bit I read.
    I like the way you introduced this week via your you tube video as it infuses your energy into what we then read. I wonder how you can capture all of the quirkiness in the published product. I’m sure it will unfold in some way as you make this up as you go along. I’m curious, which parts of this process are you finding most enjoyable?

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