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On Writer’s Block

I wrote two sentences, and then I erased them. Is this writer’s block or a decision to write something different.? The sentence that I just wrote was my third in a row, but I didn’t erase it. Right now, the piece of work that I am continuing either shows that I defeated writer’s block, or […]


Bugs Bunny was one of the cartoons that I watched as a child, along with Tom and Jerry. I could make a list of so many more. Today I wonder if any of the cartoons that I watched have or had any sort of long term influence on my day to day thinking and how […]


Spiderman was my favorite superhero when I was a child. His comics books were the ones I purchased growing up. One thing about Spiderman is that I never wanted to be Spiderman. I wanted to be my superhero. I would play by myself, and when I did, I created my character; his name was Bearman. […]

On name calling.

As a child, I called other kids names, often using curse words that escalated with each use. I grew out of that. At a point in my life, I realized that treating people with dignity and respect was worth it, not for just  them, but it  determined the type of person I would be. My […]


When in doubt, I look for an example. Then I stop to consider what example I will follow? If I want to play my saxophone, I turn to a saxophone player that I know, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderly, Sonny Rollins, to name a few. When writing a novel, I think of Toni Morrison, […]

Did you notice?

I don’t mind walking. Here is an example if I go to the store, I will park farther away from the entrance and walk to the store, rather than sitting behind other cars waiting for a closer parking spot. When I walk I listen to music. This dates back to college, old school sony walkman […]


At the workshop today, Seth Godin said, find what works for you and stop debating it. That is my goal and my takeaway from today.

Another day.

There are some days where I just don’t know what to write about. I write anyway. I made a commitment to post to this blog every day for 2021. I don’t believe I have writer’s block. I just need to take the time to compose a story. It takes time to write a story, You […]


I have lost the ability to be bored. How can you be bored when there are so many choices available to you at any given time? 


Decide to be bold today. Be one percent more bold than you were yesterday. Just one percent.

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