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Consider Boot Camp

Seth Godin said that Writer’s Block was invented. I agree with him. I am not blocked, I am not sure what I am. I will try my best to explain. I only have two hands to type or write with. Yet my mind moves so quick. If I stop to count them, I have about […]

Watts and Winning!

Greetings! Welcome to another edition of Behind the Book. Interviews with characters from my 2019 National Novel Writing Month story- Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. This week were are talking with one of the misfit heroes- Watts! Steven- Thank you, Watts, for joining up today. Watts, I want to flip our format today. […]

Behind the Story- Meet Akemi

Behind the Scenes with the Female Protagonist- Akemi Welcome! Thank you for coming over to read an interview with a character from the in-process novel The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. Today joining us, Akemi. Akemi’s age is unknown. She is a Level 8 Mulitivertician. Her goal is to find The […]

Dinner with the Devil.

Behind the Scenes with The Villain- Danyo Welcome! Thank you for coming over to read the latest interview with a character from the in-process novel The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the Band of Misfit Heroes. Today joining us is Danyo. Danyo is 26 years old, single, and Ze ambition is to possess Satan. I am […]

Aquafunkapus is my name writing is my game

In the month of November  I am participating in National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo. You can find out more about the event here. During the month of Nano I am working on a rough draft of a Science Fiction Soap Opera. This week I am going to interview two characters from the Story -The […]


Writing should be fun. My goal is to enjoy writing this month. For my fifth year of Nanowrimo the goal is fun. My advice for anyone doing Nano or writing in general is this. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Writing is an activity to decrease and manage the stress of life. Like all of you […]

National Novel Writing Month !

I bet you are a person who likes adventure. If this is you. I have a great challenge that you can do in one month. You can push yourself hard, and at the end of it, feel a tremendous amount of joy and confidence. So if this is you. Keep reading! November is National Novel […]

Principles of Linguistic Coaching Domain 1- Hey Joe

 Currently, I am a student in a class called Taking Charge Linguistic Coaching for Special Needs and At Risks Learners. For my final project, I will be using my blog and my podcast to explain the five domains. For this post and future podcast, I will be looking at the song. Hey Joe by Jimi […]

Contentment and Satisfaction

How much is enough? In conversations, I participate in, and in books that I read, I frequently hear someone say, I want to improve, I want to get better, where will we go next. Another term is let’s build a culture of continuous improvement. Who could disagree with that? I want to get better at […]

Taking a left turn.

For the last two weeks, the idea for this page was to write about a bus ride I had at work. This week I am not going to write about the bus ride. I didn’t bring home the material from the class I am taking. The course is called Taking Charge. I want to be […]

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