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Ask Me Now.

Jon Batiste is the artist of the day, and the song is Ask Me Now. It came from a playlist called Aquapractice that I made a while back. I made the commitment to pick up my saxophone and practice for the next 100 days, so today is day 1. I thought that it went well. […]

Hope for the Future

Thankful to have the day off for MLK day. After my morning meditation, I listened to a reading of The Letter from A Birmingham Jail. I found it interesting that MLK responded to criticism directed towards him from fellow ministers of the gospel. It prompted me to make the decision to feature the letter on […]

Holy Diver

Holy Diver by DIO came up this morning. In middle school, I learned from a friend that if you turned the album cover upside down, the words DIO would spell Devil. This is long before everyone had the design software to custom make logos. When you saw the word devil, and then an image of […]

Poinsettias and Pumpkins

Today is January 16th. Christmas was December 25th, and Halloween was on October 31st. The pumpkin is a decoration for Halloween. The poinsettia is found at Christmas. I walk through the neighborhood, and I see houses with Poinsettias and Pumpkins on the door step today in January. Well, past both holidays. One observation is that […]


Not all bees produce honey. Honeybees produce honey. Bumblebess don’t, and according to a quick web search there are 20,000 species of bees. I sit outside from time to time. It helps me to detox from the screen. I will make phone calls or journal outside at a table. Across from me is a small […]

Cross my Broken Heart

Cheesy songs from my youth make me smile. Cross my Broken Heart by the Jets surfaced when I opened my Top Songs of 2020 playlist. Spotify keeps track of the music I listen to, and I listened to this song enough times for it to make the list.  The song was realized in 1987. I […]

To be grounded.

What is going on? In college, I was on the debate team for fours year. I loved watching the news and discussing politics. In grad school, I coached, taught, and judged debate. I recall the impeachment of Bill Clinton and having discussions with people about it. I am in education. I must teach students how […]

Everyday People

Everyday, people by Sly and The Family Stone greeted me this morning when I turned on my music. The song is about acknowledging and celebrating people for their differences. The song was released in 1968, 53 years ago. The appeal that Sly is making is the same appeal that many of us are making today. […]

Two Trains Runnin

James Cotton sang the version of Two Trains Runnin that is guiding my writing this morning. I enjoy listening to the Blues, and the song is on the playlist for my new book. This week I am organizing my spiritual reading for the morning. Today I started reading Paul by N.T. Wright. In addition to […]


Brittney Spears is my motivation for today. I did it again. I found myself doom-scrolling through social media, and then reading article, after article about the events at the US Capital. I tell myself not to do it, not to indulge, but for some-reason I keep going back. I never get into fights on Facebook […]

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