At bat.

At a baseball game or softball game, there are several places where you can be. If you are there to watch, you sit in the stands. If you are playing or coaching in the game, you are on the field or in the dugout.

The umpires are on the field calling balls and strikes, the vendors are selling concessions. The groundskeepers are taking care of the grass; there are people in charge of taking tickets.

I could go on and on; the point is that many people are present at a professional baseball game to make sure the viewing experience you have is a good one.
If you are a player and you are at-bat, you have two options when a pitch is thrown to you.

You can swing, and your hope is that you make contact, and when you make contact, the ball will go where the other players aren’t. If you wait and watch a pitch go by, you hope it is out of the strike zone.

If that happens four times, you get to advance to a base. If there are three strikes, you are out, and you go back to the bench.

Hopefully, you get to do it again. The chances of you getting to do it again are high.
The pitcher is not trying to help you hit the ball into play, except at batting practice.
At batting practice, the pitcher is throwing pitches to you, so you can hit them.
The point I am attempting to make today is this. We get to do it again. We get to do our jobs again. We get to do the day again. We can be thankful that we can go it again.

Look at your day like you are at-bat. You get to swing. You get to watch the ball go by.

Enjoy getting to play in the game. Connect with why you are up to bat. You are at-bat because the hope is that you will get a hit.

You are a pro.

In the bottom of the ninth, with the game tied or with the team behind. They want you to get a hit. That is your job. To get a hit.

So go out today and get a hit. Get on base. Win the game. But remember this, if you strike out if you ground out, if you fly out.

Keep playing. You will get another chance.

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