Ask Me Now.

Jon Batiste is the artist of the day, and the song is Ask Me Now. It came from a playlist called Aquapractice that I made a while back.

I made the commitment to pick up my saxophone and practice for the next 100 days, so today is day 1.

I thought that it went well. I made decisions very quickly around what I wanted to play during my practice session.

Besides, I also learned a new word. Sedatephobia, which is a fear of silence. I am the person who speaks first in the zoom meeting in a breakout room because the silence drives me nuts, so I looked up “ Term for people who hate silence, and there it was!

I told my wife that I hate silence, but I don’t enjoy talking, but then I thought again, I podcast, so I enjoy talking.

What it is, I don’t enjoy being the center of attention in a group of people; it also reveals that, in general, I need to have noise, which is true. I play music, have the tv going all the time. So silence is a struggle for me.

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