Akemi begins to dance.

I battle with anxiety daily. In fact, I have no clue who is winning. I decided to fight back by using the weapon of organization. So I made a plan. For the next thirty weeks, I am going to post part of this story publically to my blog. Is planning a remedy to the tension brewing inside of me? Or does planning increases the anxiety? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s both.

This is my third week. I am keeping a google document that I paste feedback into. The plan is at the end of week 10, 20, and 30, I will make adjustments on how this whole experiment is playing out. It is scary to put these unfinished, unrefined posts out in public, yet I know deep down that it is the right thing to do. Regardless of the feelings in my body and some voice screaming don’t do it!

This story is a Spiritual Science Fiction Soap Opera Musical. This week is part musical, hopefully, it doesn’t confuse you too much.  I had fun writing it, and I am having fun re-writing it. I am also battling my anxiety. A lingering feeling that I am doing something wrong. So to combat the feeling I am just going to put my work in public.

Here is excerpt number 3! This week you get a chance to meet Akemi. She is one of the main characters, trained DJ in the ways of the multi-verse. In this section, she is tracking the Great Aquafunkapus. She needs him to stop Danyo, who has captured DJ and trapped him. Aquafunkapus disappeared after defeating Danyo in my first story- The Adventures of Aquafunkapus.  Danyo is also preparing to destroy the universe in order to execute his plan to dethrone Satan. A little back -story. You can enter the multiverse through music videos or movies.  Right before she jumps, Danyo arrives on the scene. This is the third excerpt from The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and his band of misfit heroes.

According to the theoretical physicist. Brian Greene, there were nine types of multiverses.
Brian Greene is a string theorist. A quick working definition of String Theory- Akemi really couldn’t define String Theory, but we can turn to Wikipedia and give the explanation of string thoery.-

String theory is the theoretical framework in physics in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory is used and applied to many big questions in fundamental physics, including the problems found in black hole physics, early universe cosmology, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics.

String theory describes how the objects, strings, propagate through space, and interact with one another. In string theory, on distance scales more significant than the string scale, a string is equivalent to an ordinary particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string. String Theory is vital to our world.

Akemi could jump into nine different multiverses, she could go get DJ and jump into nine different multiverses, but now that DJ was falling for her, and she was beginning to have feelings for him she couldn’t risk taking him with, that would be falling for a subordinate, and they would have to go to HR.

So here was the dilemma, she had to guess right. If she tried to jump into nine multiverses, she would die. She needs to go look at the multiverse viewer.

She would start in 1999.  So what would her entry point be? If she went in through The Matrix, that would be science fiction, The Sixth Sense would pop her out in New York, so she needed to check the box office for that year. Stars Wars wouldn’t work either. Big Daddy? Toy Story 2? Maybe she would jump into Notting Hill catch some sites in London, perhaps a Futbol Match. Manchester United won the Premier Leauge that year. Nope Old Trafford was too far away.

Maybe she could jump in through music or sports. She could jump in through the Wild Wild West by Will Smith. A horrible movie, but the song wasn’t that bad, even though it is blasphemy for sampling Stevie Wonder, actually as she listened to it, it sounded more and more cheesy. How did Will Smith make it as a rapper? Ah, now she knew what she would do. Baby One More Time!

Ok, so Akemi was going to jump into 1999.  The Britney Spears video Baby One More Time would be her entry point. Akemi pulled up the video. She noticed that when Brittney was dancing in the hallway, there were rows of girls dancing behind her. She thought of assuming the identity of an African American Girl who was opening her locker.

Or she could be one of the Asian Girls dancing behind her. When the dancers moved outside, she noticed that the High School was Venice High in Los Angeles, she did a quick search and discovered that it was! She would jump onto the video, and boom she would be in Los Angeles, and at least in the right city. She prepped herself for travel, opened up Youtube, synched her watch. She wanted to finish up her latte, then jump into the multiverse.

Akemi didn’t notice her surroundings. A woman had begun to play the violin in the middle of the shop. She definitely wasn’t aware of the man in a dark hat walking in with the ugliest dog anyone had ever seen;

The man ordered an almond milk latte, The barista felt he looked a bit odd. Then all of a sudden, the lights in the coffee shop dimmed,  In the distance, the music of Marc Anthony started playing, The song was I need to know. The dog stood on all fours and began to dance. Akemi felt a chill run down her entire body. These lyrics rang in her ears“ If it is true, don’t leave me all alone here.” Akemi swallowed hard.  She turned and there was Danyo, singing I need to know, with a full range of dancers. Dancers who appeared out of nowhere. He had conjured them up. Manifesting them from the music video.  He looked at her and sang the words. “ Girl, I am exactly where I need to be.” Danyo had caught up to her. He knew the year she was jumping into. Yet he didn’t know where she was going, thus the reason he was singing I need to to know. Danyo was very passive-aggressive.

Akemi had to play this very smart. Danyo knew that he couldn’t jump into the multiverse, with her. So why in the world was he here? If she engaged him, then he would trap her the same way he had ensnared DJ. He couldn’t get into her mind. So she decided to dance with him. Akemi stood up and walked over to Danyo.

Danyo was very nervous around women and shy; he started to quiver but needed to keep up a tough-guy image. Still, in his nervousness, he couldn’t access Akemi’s thoughts, well played Akemi, she was playing off of his anxiety. As she danced with him, she then turned on her own song. Poof just like that NSYNC was playing. Suddenly there were several boys in the coffee shop. Both Danyo and Akemi were now confused. She didn’t intend to play NSYNC. What the heck was going on? It was a message from 1999. Akemi heard it in these lyrics. “If you want to let I know. I am down on my knees. “ It’s tearing up my heart when I am with you”

The great Aquafunkapus was sending a message from the multiverse! Danyo stopped in his tracks, What in the world was going on. Bogey, the coyote jumped into the dance line with the NSYNC boys, Danyo was not happy at all. “ Tearing up my heart and soul!” Tearing up my heart and soul. Little did they know that in a coffee shop not far away The Great Aquafunkapus, was watching the entire scene on his laptop and phone, but that’s not for now. He was having too much fun at the moment. Aquafunkapus hit a button on his phone and changed the music, Bye, Bye, the baby started to play, and a train appeared out of nowhere, they began to run on the train, Akemi knew this was it. and Akemi knew it was time to jump. Bye, Bye, the baby started to play, and a train appeared out of nowhere, they began to run on the train, Akemi knew this was it. She started running, and after 50 seconds she jumped and landed on top of the Train. If you are wondering where the train came from and what it has to do with anything, watch this video and wait for the 50-second mark.

Guess what I feel better after writing this. Planning and executing your plan is a good remedy! I am even dancing along with the videos I selected for this post. If you are feeling anxious about sharing your creative work, dance. or just dance for the heck of it.

I don’t have a picture this week- But I do have one more video- If you wondering what Akemi looks like take a look at this video- I am a closet K-POP fan as well- AleXa Bomb


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  1. Hey Steve! This is a fun post. I found it extra fun because 1999 is a time of very familiar songs to me.

    Anxiety is a funny thing isn’t it? I see it as an over focus on the future. So when you write and bring yourself into the present moment, you’re self treating and taking care of getting back to here and now.

    You cover so much ground in topics and material in one post which is a solid representation of you. Thanks for sharing this! I look forward to the other posts.

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