A shot of Dopamine

March Madness has started! I have enjoyed March Madness for a long time. When I was a teenager, I would take the bracket from the newspaper and hang it up on my bedroom wall. Each game, I would fill out the bracket; when the tournament ended, I would leave the bracket on my wall until the next year. Then I would take it down and put up the new bracket fill it out, leave it up until the next year.

Today I still get the newspaper. Except it is virtual, and all the brackets are on my computer, phone, or IPAD. I could make a pdf and print it, but I don’t. March Madness is an activity that makes me feel good. You can say that by watching the games, my brain is releasing dopamine. Which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasant feelings.

We all need to experience pleasant feelings. There are ways to gain these feelings without compromising your values or integrity. So today I am launching my new Newsletter. It is called a Shot of Dopamine. It is designed to help you feel good. I would appreciate it if you read it, then signed up for it. I will release these once a month, and my hope is that if you take a shot from me, you will give a shot to someone else.

Spread some good vibes, and help someone feel better today. Somewhere, someone is hurting, and you can be a source of comfort. Hope you enjoy A Shot of Dopamine.

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