I needed a day off, so I took one. I was doing a 90 day YouTube Challenge and had made 63 videos in a row and created two channels. If you have children check out my teaching channel, I release lessons Mon-Fri. So on Saturday, I decided not to make one. Then on Sunday, I didn’t make one. I also write a weekly blog post. I was set to put up a post this week from my novel. I decided I needed a week off. So I decided not to write the excerpt from my book. I am beginning to acknowledge that I have limits. So I am taking a day off. I was going to write a podcast and record it today, but I will do it tomorrow. I went for a walk yesterday and took pictures of flowers. Next week I am going to make some more videos and another podcast.

I had fun making my last one, It is called Rocket Man, have a listen here- The Steven Thompson Experience.

I wanted to take the time to share with everyone some tools I used this week to have some fun. Though we are separated physically we can connect with others emotionally and spiritually and build community.

My son turned 11, and I threw him a virtual B-Day party. Here are some of the attractions and games, I am including links to share. We had a blast.
I had a rap- artist-educator Kimyung Kim perform. Check out his page. 

We played a game of Kahoot.

Next was a drawing game- We played Alphabet Landscape number 10 on this list, a mix of digital and analog.
I used the Wheel of Names  to pick the winner.

Gave a lucky young lady a Postmates Gift Card for the winner.

Of course, we needed a cake.

Every Friday, I host Virtual Coffee for our staff.

I had everyone go to WuTang name generator and rename themselves using their Wu-Tang Clan name.
I brewed my latest coffee from Trade Coffee.

Then we played Virtual Family Feud.

In between, I did my first Instagram live for the company, giving families tips on homeschooling while working.

So by the time, Saturday hit I needed to take a day off, then I decided to take Sunday off to, except for writing this post. On Saturday I took some time to take a walk and experience beauty. Below are some pictures I took. In California, we have 19 days left of the stay at home order. After that, we don’t know what the future will look like, but we do know it will be different. My emotions are conflicted, but that’s ok. I realize for me that better doesn’t mean going from imperfect to perfect, it may mean just being fine with being imperfect, and saying I don’t know, and I get afraid, and I get sad, and I get happy, and I get thankful. But when I am sad, worried, anxious, and afraid. I know that I can still throw parties, take pictures of flowers, and take a day off. Even find great cause to donate to. So my wife and I contribute. Or use my WuTangClan name for the title of this post, just because. Signed- Desperado Savage.


One thought on “A Day Off- By DESPERADO SAVAGE.

  1. Hi Steve,

    THANK YOU. This post feels like a real gift. It’s so human in how you explain the need for a day off. And the closing paragraph is rich with beautiful acceptance of whatever present situation is in front of you.

    All the activities you planned for your son’s birthday party are a great How To instructions. Let more people have birthday parties during quarantine. That’s great!

    With more reflection, what are a couple appreciations for the week you had? There is a lot you could choose from. And then, how could you cultivate more of that feeling going forward? I’d love to know and copy.

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