A day for Moms

I met my mother in Jan in the early 1970s. My birth certificate says that it was on Jan 5th.

I wasn’t aware of that first day when I entered the world. I do know that on that day, she must have been encouraged and excited to see me.

I said goodbye to my mother in Nov of 2007. I wasn’t there when she passed away, and it has hard to remember when was the last time I talked to her or what we talked about.

It was weird at first. Not having your mom. I would pick up the phone to call her, to tell her about a big event. Then I knew that she was gone. I still have her address in my amazon account and her number on my phone.

‘She never got to meet my son. I know she would have loved him too.
On mother’s day, it has been fun to serve my wife. To reach my son how to appreciate his mother, we bought her favorite lunch, her choice of dinner.

I had him pick out her favorite gifts. I smiled and felt proud, knowing that he is learning how to honor his mom.

Through all this. I still feel sad. Sad knowing that my mom is only a memory.
Her love lives inside of me. I can comfort myself with that knowledge, and I know that I am not the only one. So for those of you who have lost on Mother’s Day, It is ok to celebrate the mom’s in your life and mourn what you have lost.

It is still their day.

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