I am too tired to think of a title. So I posted anyway. I know that I am not supposed to make long titles that aren’t SEO friendly. But this is my blog and I can do what I want. ( Sticks out Tounge)

DANYO!! Steven left you in charge of writing titles and this is what you come up with?

Yes, Watts! ” Life is about breaking rules and conventions” Steven has a full-time job. He gets paid to work. If you want an opinion on the title, then cut a check. Earn the right to criticize him.  When someone pays him to write titles, then he will write short titles. Plus Steven needs to find his audience. The person who criticizes the length of the title isn’t our intellectual superior and has no business reading our work. In fact, get out now. Stop reading. If someone is critical of a long title, go get a blog and write a short one. The problem with Steven is that he needs me to say what he is afraid of saying.

Ugh fine! Leave the title long and wacky. I will move out of the way and avoid the lightning that may strike. Also insulting our readers is not the way to build a following. The sheer arrogance of your statements are stunning. If you were upset by Danyo or the title please stick around ! I am taking it from here. Greetings this is Watts, I am one of the characters in this novel and the rude individual at the top is Danyo. He is the villain. Steven is busy. He just finished recording the latest episode of The Steven Thompson Experience you can find it here. Steven’s Podcast turns 3 on March 7th! We are trying to help him figure out a way to celebrate it.

Steven also loves a good challenge. He has two executive coaches, and three accountability groups at the moment, plus his full-time job as a school principal. Yet he loves to add one more thing. Not sure why he does this. He will never say this publically, but he is very competitive and believes he can outwork anyone and everyone, a tab bit arrogant. Still, again, he doesn’t talk about it. So he is not here this week, but you can find him working on his new YouTube Channel- Check it out here– Steven is on Day 15 of a 90-day Challenge.

He told me his only goal is to put up 90 videos. He also said he is going to break all the rules. Please don’t talk to him about analytics, and SEO, because in his mind, the only Youtube experts are those who make videos.

Back to the story.
This story is a Spiritual Science Fiction Soap Opera. I am pretty tired right now, so I am not going to explain everything, go back and read the last several posts, or send Steven an email and ask him to tell the story. He will respond. Ok here is this week’s excerpt. It involves DJ and Laura.  It is a bit short. I am tired it must be the time change. Danyo transition us to the main part of the story. Sure, thank you Watts. ” DJ likes Laura but he is too shy and insecure to admit it. This scene shows a moment in history that he wishes that he could do-over. See below. Look the transitions are still a bit rocky. But it’s the best we can do. Steven doesn’t have much of a budget. So this is where my rant ends and the story begins. Thanks Danyo.

DJ finished his work at the paper. He had written a piece on Jerry Brown’s chances in the Democratic primary. Bill Clinton had too many scandalous affairs to be a serious candidate for President. George Bush was a pretty popular president after the Iraq war, so he wouldn’t lose, right? Who really knew in 92.

DJ didn’t have time to change, but he rushed to the bar. He knew Laura would be there, Sammy and Michelle from the paper would be there as well, and Winston, a friend from his Marxist thought class. The Band played ska. Ska was fun to dance to. DJ would even get into the mosh pit. He went out and purchased some flannels and a pair of black Dr. Martens. Laura was having a strange effect on him and his mood. When hs arrived, Laura waved him over. She already had a drink, the table was empty.

DJ sat down at the table, Laura pushed him a beer, and he began to drink. “Where is everyone?.,” Right now, it is just us. Winston said he needed to study, Sammy had to work, and Michelle may be here , but later. She is having a bad hair day, plus she is holding out that the TA from her Spanish class will ask her out. It looks like it’s just us. The Band was called the Green Beanies. They wore all green, and the stage was adorned with Beanie Babies. At the end of every show, they would throw Beanie Babies into the crowd.

DJ and Laura danced most of the night, they shared beers and had gravy fries. Laura made sure that the gravy from the fries didn’t have any meat products. At the end of the night, both of them were sweating and happy. Laura grabbed his hand and led him out into the night. DJ gave her a hug, and looked into her eyes, for that brief moment, they both felt a connection.

Sparks flew. DJ leaned in, but then stopped. He walked her to the bus, and she got on. He waved goodbye, and she went home. He looked at the bus drive away. Soon after, Travis would come to visit DJ, and Travis hit it off with Laura fast-forward 20 some odd years to today.

Every year DJ would replay that moment. He should’ve kissed her. He should’ve started a relationship with her. He would’ve loved her and never would’ve cheated on her with a 23-year-old.

One thought on “I am too tired to think of a title. So I posted anyway. I know that I am not supposed to make long titles that aren’t SEO friendly. But this is my blog and I can do what I want. ( Sticks out Tounge)

  1. Even a short, because I’m tired, dose of this is fabulous, Steven.
    Poor DJ, fancy carrying this around all this time and replaying it every year!
    I’m curious, is that Danyo’s reason for being: to say the things Steven is afraid to? What would Steven do if Danyo wasn’t a character in this spiritual science fiction soap opera?
    Finally, thanks for the implied permission to just do stuff and not worry about doing it “right” – I’m going to take that advice that to win at youtube I just need to make a video and not worry about all the other stuff. Stop listening to the so-called experts (I think I’ve found the topic for a blog post, thanks!)
    PS. congrats on the 3 year anniversary on your podcast. Awesome effort.

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