I don’t feel like doing it.” Is this an expression? A statement? Or a call to action? Perhaps it is a declaration. What comes next is the answer.

You can decide to not move forward, and then what? You watch TV. You sit under a tree. You read a book.

Or you pursue another task. The time is going to pass. Your decision not to do something won’t stop time from passing. Maybe you wish it did. Do you hope that by not doing something that it will go away? You could be lucky, and someone will come along and do it for you.

Finish the task, complete the job. If that is your situation, at least take the time to be thankful and say I appreciate you. If this isn’t an option, here is another choice.
You can say, but I am going to do it anyway. Then you start.

One step at a time. You feel better. Maybe you won’t. But you will have more progress than if you chose not to. Your feelings aren’t always right, and they need to be questioned from time to time. It also is ok to disagree with them.

Maybe someone didn’t want to put a blue cow outside of a restaurant. Other people did. The blue cow people got what they wanted. You can too. Just keep going.


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