The end of the workday will come with or without us. It is tempting to think that the day will never end, that the meeting is going on forever. Look back at the activity that you were in yesterday. When you were sitting in a chair looking at a screen. Did you say, when will this end?

Now it is 12 hours later. Are you still in the meeting? The meeting ended. You got in your car, you drove home. At some point, you had food, food that you cooked, or food you prepared. Perhaps you talked with friends, perhaps you didn’t.

The point is, the statement you made yesterday didn’t come true. What time does best is that it moves? Time is in constant motion. Time doesn’t take a day off. 3 o’clock doesn’t go on vacation.
Three o’clock will arrive at three o’clock. That isn’t a charge to us to work harder. It is a charge to appreciate the time we have and to cherish it. To connect with the fact that it will arrive tomorrow just on time and that we may be around to see it or won’t. If the day starts without us, that means that we have run out of days.
So with the time we have. Consider this, We have it. We can make choices in how we use it. How we think in it, and how we show up in it. We can fear, We can be sad, but we can also be happy, excited, and thankful. We can find ways to serve and find ways to contribute. Then we get to do it again tomorrow. That is the good thing about time. We get a second chance. The time comes back for us. Time doesn’t forget. Time doesn’t judge. Time is just time. What is your relationship with time? Take a bit of it today to consider it. How do you use it? How does it use you? Take some time to think about time. While you have the time.

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