32 years

I am listening to a song that is 32 years old. The song doesn’t seem 32 years old, to my ears and minds it has the same energy that it had when I heard it 32 years ago. I was 17, 32 years ago.

Music doesn’t age. Not like a human. The music stays the same. The key signature is the same. The beats per minute, The lyrics, the chorus, the key change. 

The drum fills are all the same as they were 32 years ago and they will be the same 32 years from now.

I am a different person than I was 32 years ago. 32 years of experience, old friends leave, new friends, enter. The music stays the same.

Hmmm. Aging doesn’t mean that I need to lose energy or become less committed to learning.

As I age I hear more and more about planning for retirement. I am not a person who is looking forward to living in a condo and playing golf all day or swimming. I am a person who feels wired for contribution.

32 years from now I will be 81. I hope to be alive and 81 at least. I do realize that I need to be intentional with my health and how I treat my body because my body does age. My body does change.

Where do you want to be in 32 years? Who do you want to be in 32 years? 

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