This morning, I read a bible verse that stated that our troubles are light and momentary; what we currently see is temporary. 2 Corinthians 4:17.

Troubles are painful when they occur and feel unending, the truth is this time moves forward.

With or without us.
Time was moving before we arrived, and time will move once we have left.

In the middle, we get to participate in life. All of life. The joy, the pain, the grief, the sorrow.

For example, this morning, I could not remember where I place my glasses. I looked in the normal places, but for some reason, I didn’t see them. It was easy to begin to panic, get frustrated, and consider how much time I was losing.

I found them. It took ten minutes to find them. Now the loss of my glasses was temporary.

I spent the time devoted to looking for them.
It wasn’t what I wanted to do.
It wasn’t what I expected to do.
This is a small and tiny example of the principal. The trouble I had over my glasses was temporary.

I am even tempted to use the loss of my glasses as a predictor of the rest of my day. Oh well, this is a bad start to the day. I lost my glasses. The rest of the day is going to go downhill.

I have a choice. I could say, this morning I found my glasses, I put them on, and I began to write. Just like I do each and every morning.

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